State and Federal Interactions


State and Federal InteractionsThe line between state and federal issues is increasingly blurred. Once the process of working federal issues was left to lobbyists inside the beltway. That process has dramatically changed as members of Congress become even more attuned to constituent views on controversial issues.

Working with such influential organizations as the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we have established ourselves at the “go-to” firm in Alabama to demonstrate constituent support for difficult, high profile issues including Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, Trade Promotion Authority and Product Liability Reform.

Christie Strategy Group understands the interaction between votes in Washington, DC and political support back home. We can mobilize a wide variety of constituencies to creatively demonstrate support for an
issue and turn that support into positive legislative action.

In addition, Christie Strategy Group has over twenty years of direct lobbying experience with members of the Alabama congressional delegation. These critical relationships with members of the delegation were cultivated long before they were elected to Congress.

Whether providing direct representation, third party advocacy from creative sources, personal contact from grass tops constituents or broad based grassroots programs, Christie Strategy Group offers the experience and talent to bring your issue to the forefront with members of the Alabama congressional delegation.


Legislative Report

March 30, 2018

Legislature Adjourns Sine Die, Approves Economic Development Bill

The legislature adjourned sine die on Thursday, March 29, three weeks earlier than required. Leaving four legislative days unused, legislators returned home to campaign for reelection.


  • Legislature Approves SSUT Bill
  • Governor Signs Rural Broadband Bill
  • Budgets Approved

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