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True candor is the best way to facilitate genuine trust. Christie Strategy Group enjoys a reputation as a source for credible information; we understand that while it is our responsibility to represent client issues aggressively, decision makers require a comprehensive view of any given issue. This willingness to share critical information has allowed Christie Strategy Group to become a trusted resource among legislators and others in the political process. Long-term relationships with key decision makers have further established our reputation as a firm with a strong hold on trust, integrity and credibility. The only real currency in this business is the truth and we understand that our word is our most valued asset. Click here to read more.

Government Affairs

Effective representation and advocacy in the political process is more than just “lobbying.” Successful advocates for any public policy or legislative position will utilize a broad range of public affairs disciplines to ensure that their issue is understood and acted upon by key decision makers.

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Public Affairs - State & Federal

The line between state and federal issues is increasingly blurred. Once the process of working federal issues was left to lobbyists inside the beltway. That process has dramatically changed as members of Congress become even more attuned to constituent views on controversial issues.

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Public Affairs - Media Relations

Elected officials on the state and federal levels are increasingly influenced by the public’s perception of a given issue. Christie Strategy Group has a proven track record of influencing public opinion to enhance the political objectives of our clients.

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Legislative Report

May 17, 2019

Senate Passes Bill to Allow Birmingham Economic Development Project to Move Forward

Monday Night Brewing, a craft brewery based in Atlanta and new client of Christie Strategy Group, has signed a contingent lease as part of the Denham Building project in downtown Birmingham. Unfortunately, Alabama law prevents a manufacturer from owning a brewpub; SB 404 by Sen. Rodger Smitherman (D – Birmingham) would change that.

The bill, which passed the Senate on Thursday by a vote of 26 – 2, would allow small craft breweries to own one brewpub each in the state. The bill is necessary to allow the Denham Building project to move forward, which will make a huge economic impact on the downtown area. The $30 million project will create 300 new jobs over the next several years.


  • House Passes Equal Pay Bill
  • Senate Passes Bill to Replace Elected School Board
  • Governor Signs Near Total Abortion Ban

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